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Race against Time

I was driving my car – returning back  home when it started raining.The first drop on my windshield sent chills down my spine and I knew that my getting back in time is now a matter of Life and Death.

I was a good 30-35 kms from home,driving as fast as I could – Pushing my way through the ever so busy traffic of Delhi.And it seemed that the rain knew my desperation.The faster I drove,the harder it fell.We were in a battle now.Trying to vanquish each other.

We were two Gladiators – fighting for different reasons.The Rain for Death and I for Life.

Finally after battling my way through the unrelenting traffic,I reached home.By that time there was water everywhere.Was it too late?

I got out of the car and ran.The gate was locked so I jumped over it.I knew I was trespassing but this was no time to follow the rules.As I reached the ground and saw everything was drenched with water.Mud all around.No sign of Life.The rain had won…Death had won.

I had almost lost all hope when I heard a bleak sound and as if fighting the mighty Death itself,a head popped out of a hole filled with water.It gasped for air for a second or two,trying to fill its lungs with as much air as possible and then was pulled inside the water again.

This was my time to react.Everything was not lost.I rushed towards the hole.Got on my knees and pushed my hand as far as I could inside it.Nothing…

But then something caught my hand.I caught it by its neck and it pulled it and out came a puppy,panting,hardly 10 days old.I put it in a shaded corner and went for the others.

Again dipped my hand.Caught something.I pulled it outside.But this one wasn’t moving.Kept it aside and tried again.No time for emotions.Tried again and failed again.

Now,I knew that by this time the chances of any more of them being alive were very slim.But something in my head said that I should try again.At least once more.

Pushed my hand against the inexorable water again.Ahh the searching!

Felt something.Shoved my other hand inside as well and pulled it out.To my surprise there were two of them!One had succumbed to death but the other one was breathing ever so slowly.Life had prevailed over death…


About Epizeuxis

Blogger , Guitarist , Altruist , Athlete, Sophist ... these all describe me... But what all these symbolize is my desire to be able do all the things which life has to offer and constantly grow as an individual...


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    Posted by Ashutosh Singh | September 4, 2011, 6:47 am

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About Epizeuxis

An Infrequent blogger, amateur guitarist , Altruist and a Sophist with a desire to be able do all the things which life has to offer and constantly grow as an individual.

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