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The Lost Identity


“Who am I?”

“Where am I?”

“Whats going on?”

He’s standing in the middle of a crowded place.Puzzled!Its as if its his first day on earth.He can’t remember anything!

People walking by.No one seems familiar.Everyone has an aim.He doesn’t.He doesn’t even remember his name!


Trying to sleep on a bench in a park.He still has no clue about himself.

Two policemen arrive.

“You can’t sleep here.”

“I am sorry.I’ve nowhere to go”,He replies.

“Get out”

Debilitated after the aberrant day.He doesn’t want to go anywhere else, that too in the middle of the night.

On seeing no movement,the policemen bring out their guns pointing the muzzles towards him.

His hands move suddenly.BANG! He hits the first gunman’s hand,takes the gun,shoots the second one in the leg and then knocks out the first one cold with his elbow!

All this in a second.It was all perfunctory!

The policemen are down.He’s standing over their camatose bodies with a gun in his hand.Flabbergasted!

He dismantles the gun with a slick movement as if he’s handled them all his life.Throws the pieces behind a bush.

“What just happened!”


He’s absconding down an empty street.

“Whats going on?”

“Whats happening to me?”


He walks into an remote restaurant.Sits on a table.He’s constantly looking around as if he’s searching for something.

“Why am I doing this?”

Within a minute he realizes that he remembers the license plate numbers of all theย  cars parked outside.He knows that two of the waitress are left handed and that there are three exit doors in the restaurant with the one on his left being the best option.

“Why would I know that”

Rather “Why should I know that”,He’s confused!

Now,this may look like a grotesque or macabre situation to all.But sometimes I just want to be that person.

So many times we try to forget everything.Leave everything behind and start afresh.But we can’t.Something pulls us behind.Its as if we’re stuck.

Stuck with our Flaws.Stuck with our Disappointments.Stuck with our Prejudices.Stuck with our Insecurities.Stuck with our Expectations.

As if we have no control over ourselves.As if we are mere puppets being moved by the circumstances.As if we can’t break free.

That is why I want to be in his place.

Free from the hustling and bustling of the everyday life.No weight of the past on my shoulders.No more expectations.Plus you still get to keep all your attributes.Its like starting all over again and that too with a head start!


About Epizeuxis

Blogger , Guitarist , Altruist , Athlete, Sophist ... these all describe me... But what all these symbolize is my desire to be able do all the things which life has to offer and constantly grow as an individual...


3 thoughts on “The Lost Identity

  1. Yeah !! would be nice to take the burden off my mind. And i love the movie too ๐Ÿ˜€

    Posted by Rusty | September 13, 2011, 5:25 pm
  2. Sounds good – on paper or the screen. Starting over is fine if you’re free of emotional attachments, and who can boast that? Besides, Bourne spent all his time trying to RECONNECT the dots of his shattered life.

    Posted by The Hook | December 5, 2011, 1:41 pm

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About Epizeuxis

An Infrequent blogger, amateur guitarist , Altruist and a Sophist with a desire to be able do all the things which life has to offer and constantly grow as an individual.

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